URGENT - need your vote!

barbpowrie <bpowrie@...>

At the last SnoVARC meeting, we discussed amending the Constitution and Bylaws so that our formal procedure to elect officers reflects our actual practice, more appropriate for a smaller club. The urgency is that amendment requires a two thirds vote by our total membership...so we need you to vote!

As attendance at club meetings can vary and as we need to vote on this amendment by the November 1st club meeting, I am asking all members send in their ballot prior to the meeting - particularly if you are not planning on being at the next meeting. Please print out the ballot under Files / Ballot SnoVARC Amendment, sign and date, and send to me either by email as a scanned document or by mail to Barb Powrie, 8313 353rd Ave NE, Carnation WA 98014.

Thanks for your participation!

Barb Powrie (K7XIT), Secretary

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