SnoVARC Message Handling Training and Shelter Exercise

Dan Pflugrath

SnoVARC will be joining the Shelter Exercise Drill Saturday November 10th from 8AM to 1PM.  SnoVARC will be using this as a training exercise for Hams, like myself, that have not sent or received messages in the Incident Command System ICS 213 format for formal emergency communications.


We will cover the basics of the message format at our next meeting on Thursday November 1st.  See attached file.


For the exercise we will set up two Ham radio groups, one at the Shelter Drill at the Tolt Congregational Church in Carnation and the second at the Fire station on Duvall.


This is an Elmer session where Hams with experience in message handling will be available at both sites.  Bring your radio so we can assist each other in programming the radios for our repeater system communications.  Our experienced hams will first demonstrate message handling then have each ham attending send messages for practice.


If you have never had the opportunity to learn how to and then practice sending messages in the ICS 213 format this exercise is for you.


All SnoVARC hams need to attend this exercise for the messaging skills that will be needed when the disaster occurs.  If you do not have your ham license yet you can still practice using FRS radios,  No excuses.


Please let me know by email if I can count on you preferable for both the meeting on the 1st and the Exercise on the 10th.  If not both please try you best to be available on the 10th for the live action.


Best Regards,



Phone: 425-941-2339


Shelter Exercise/Drill

Saturday, November 10th, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Tolt Congregational Church, Carnation

Other participants include:

-        CERTS (Community Emergency Response Teams)

-        MRC (Medical Reserve Corps)

-        SnoVARC (Sno-Valley Amateur Radio Club)




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