Recommended accessories for VX-7R?

Mark Kenworthy

Hi everyone New guy here, not licensed yet, but almost ready to take the test.  I received a VX-7R for Fathers Day, so now Im trying to figure out what set of accessories I should get for it.

My goal in being a ham is to be able to communicate during emergencies/disasters, although Im sure Ill pitch in on other SVARC activities, and want to find a way to use my radio often enough that I know well what I’m doing when there is an emergency (is there a monthly SVARC net?).

Anyway, back to accessories

The AA battery pack for emergencies is obvious.

I saw some of the members had a shorter antenna on theirs, to make it less obtrusive.  Any recommendations on what antenna to get?

Other things Ive thought about:

·       Waterproof mic/speaker

·       Desktop charging station

·       Computer interface cable and software (buy Yaesus or one of the far less expensive ones on eBay?)

·       Earpiece/microphone

·       DC (car) charging cable

What have all of you found that you use commonly, and what isnt worth spending $ on?



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