Re: KE7GFZ . Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club Field Day on June 28th at Safeway Parking Lot In Duvall

Rowland - K7RWB <slick56@...>

--- In, "Lori KE7KXN" <layoungs@...> wrote:

What the heck happened to having this event? I blocked it on my
calendar so I could see what the club was up to. Did I miss a notice
cancelling it? I was there...where were you?

I am sorry about the confusion. At the last club meeting it was
decided not to participate this year as many people were not going to
be available. I should have placed a notice on this site but I did not.

Once again I am sorry about the confusion. Please come to the next
club meeting on the 7th of August at the Duvall Firr Station and you
can find out all about the club.


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