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Is this something you are going to?



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If you are at all interested in digital communications then you do not want to miss this!  Please see below!


Fri Apr 5, 2013 10:40 am (PDT) . Posted by:

This is great! The TAPR/ARRL Digital Communication Conference (DCC) is a tremedous opportunity for our region. This conference attracts some really great folks - hopefully including you.

The Vancouver/Portland DCC was one of the most stimulating environments I've had the pleasure of experiencing. That weekend exposed me to an abundance of great ideas and powerful resources.

It would be perfect if we could assemble a tremendous turnout for this event. Selfishly, so that it might visit the Pacific Northwest again really soon. Less selfishly, because more of us would be cross pollinated with energy and ideas for our next burst of NW ham creativity.

The timing of this with our recent progress on digital ham radio in the NW couldn't be better. Add DCC and the Summer Gathering (below) into your calendars. I'll see you there September 20-22.

The Summer Gathering will be held in Northbend at Valley Camp the weekend of September 6,7 and 8 just after Labor Day. We discussed canceling the 2013 Summer Gathering to avoid potentially diluting attendance at the DCC. Due to a groundswell of popular demand we will do both.

The Summer Gathering is one of the premier ham radio events in the NW. The weather is usually the best of the year. You can stay in dorms, camp or RV spaces are available. Great ideas and tremendous minds will assemble to learn, teach and share.

The Summer Gathering focus continues to be APRS (the Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System). At the same time, we will be discussing moving APRS data across an ever increasing variety of networks, software and amazing, powerful, tiny platforms now available to us.

See you at both the DCC and the Summer Gathering!

This is going to be a Great September!

vy 73 de WR5J

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