field day supplies

Bob Decker

I can bring charcoalĀ  barbeque. Not the biggest grill, but we used it last year.

I also have tarps for providing some shelter.

I also have a ball thrower made by Ken Dempsey.

I will have van with FT100D 160 meter to 3/4 meter, SSB,AM,and FM.
But it would be nice if someone else would operate rigs,

There will be one bed available in van.

It would be nice if we have some way to have a central log. Each year
operators change bands and make contact with a station already in log.

Is this the time of year Costco gives batteries away? It would be nice to get
a couple of large batteries. Two six volt batteries are better than two 12 v batteries.

If my generator is healthy, I haveĀ  a 3kw generator built into van. Along with a
small refrigerator and two burner cook top.

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