Net Meeting This Week

Rowland - K7RWB <slick56@...>

Hi All,

This week I would like to try something a little different when we do
the NET on Thursday evening. After we finish the Net on simplex
145.590 MHz I would like to go to the Fire repeater on 444.525+ pl
103.5 just for a communications test. Tom Needham works with this
repeater and has given us the ok to "test" with it. So set up your
radios to the above mentioned frequency so you will be ready to go.

I would also like to invite all the members of SVARC to join us on
these Net meetings. It is a great way to test your equipment, the
Net and to also share in some fun with fellow members and visitors.
Remember this Net is set up for testing and practise. This is the
time to use your equipment and to learn how it all operates. There
are those in our club with a lot of experience that are very willing
to help us all in becoming better operators.

In the event of a true emergency you want to feel comfortable with
your equipment and be able to use it with understanding and skill.
That is why I highly recommend partcipating in the Net meetings. The
old statement "Practise Makes Perfect" also applies in the amateur

Hope to hear you this Thursday at 2000 hours on 145.590 MHz!


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