Summer Antenna projects

Mel N7GCO <leadcoach@...>

Knowing that many hams use the summer to upgrade their stations, I
thought I would share my project. I added a photo album (see photo
link on side of club screen) on the following:

For each HF antenna line (4) I have added a eight ferrite toroids to
create a common choke as soon as the antenna coax enters the house. I
used the information from to
build the chokes.

At the lightening/grounding bus just before the coax enters the house
I use I.C.E. 303 Coaxial Impulse Suppressor/Arrestor
( for HF antennas

and Alpha Delta Model ATT3G50 Lightening arrestors
( the VHF/UHF antenna coax

The lightening/grounding bus plus the shack ground system is connected
to 4 ground rods and the house ground as required by regulation.

Thought this might give someone an idea.

Mel, N7GCO

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