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I am interested and willing unless something else comes up.

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I have two experienced volunteers so far for this exercise,  looking for at least two more.  Especially if you have not experienced working on one of these drills.  Even if you just want to come an observe you are more than welcome.  Drills are set up for all of us to learn and improve and that is why we have them. Bob and I will be there to help you whenever we can. It is a no pressure situation.  It is a time to learn and feel comfortable communicating on the radio. So please check your schedule and come and join us for this event.


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CQ,  CQ,  CQ


Looking for 3-4 volunteers to participate in the CERT/MRC/SnoVARC exercise on September 28th from 8am- 1pm.  Our role will be providing communications from the McDonald Park Barn (Site of exercise) to Duvall Fire (EOC).  The person(s) at the barn will be communicating with each CERT and MRC Team with FRS radios as they report their different findings.  Then you will communicate those findings with the EOC on amateur radio.  The person(s) at the EOC will operate the amateur radio there (Duvall Fire) and relay any and all information received to the Incident Commander in the EOC.  There will be a runner to go back and forth from the radio to the IC with these messages.


This will be a great time for those who have never experienced operating radios at an event or in an EOC to learn and participate.  This is why we do drills.  Everybody will learn something every time.  My goal is to have a few operators at both sites and give each person a chance to participate.  I really want to get those that have little experience the chance to get involved.  As I mentioned before the more experience you have the better you are prepared for the real thing.  The more we have trained the better we will be able to provide quality communications to our served agencies when needed. And on top of it all there will be a great lunch served after the event.





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