FW: Citizen Corps - Are you in or out?


Hi All,


Please read the information below.  Volunteers are needed for this event.  Thank You!






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Subject: Citizen Corps - Are you in or out?


Hello Community Volunteers!!


Duvall needs your help now.  We’re down to the wire for this Saturday, August 3rd.


Please sign up now for the once in your lifetime opportunity to volunteer for Duvall’s 100th birthday celebration.  This is slated to be a phenomenal event, and Duvall city officials and staff are hoping for some of our expertise in keeping the event coordinators abreast of situational needs.  They’re looking for volunteers to act as monitors/rovers and information/operations staff.  Email me now to sign up for your volunteer slot this coming Saturday.


Practice your training!! Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps 9/28 Emergency Preparedness Drill & CERT Refresher working with fellow trained CERTs, HAMs and MRC volunteers as well as local first responders, this simulation is THE BEST chance for you to practice your emergency preparedness skills.  Please RSVP that you will participate in this drill on Saturday, 9/28/13, from 8-noon (includes a bbq lunch).


Refresh your CERT skills!  In preparation for this drill we’re offering CERT refresher classes – 8/17/13 & 9/14.  Don’t miss out – sign up now!!


I hope you will all consider joining us for these important (and FUN) events – we count on our volunteers in so many ways and want you to know we appreciate you!


On behalf of your Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps Councilmembers…be prepared and be safe!


Cherise D. Bromberg

President, CDCCC




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