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Free Street Address Signs for Rural Carnation and Duvall Residents


Carnation, WA – Can emergency personnel find your home in the dark of the night? Is your driveway clearly marked? If you are like many people in rural King County, your address may be on a group mailbox, but your driveway may not have any address marking. This can cause a delay when emergency responders are trying to locate your home.


Duvall-King County Fire District 45, Eastside Fire and Rescue and the Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps Council are partnering with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Community Service Areas grant program to provide address signs for rural Duvall and Carnation communities. 


For a limited time, while supplies last, rural residents outside of the city limits in the 98019 and 98014 zip codes can receive an address sign free of charge. Properly posting this address sign will help emergency responders locate your home more quickly when minutes count during an emergency situation. To receive a free address sign you can contact Duvall Fire (they are coordinating this project for both fire departments) at jshoop@... or 425-788-1625 by December 15th, 2013. Once sufficient orders are collected, your fire department will contact you about installing the sign.


Organize a neighborhood meeting and emergency professionals can provide a unique opportunity and overview on how you can implement Firewise practices in your community to include fire safety and community preparedness education, and a free address sign for anyone who attends (subject to availability).


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