Be Prepared for The October 2nd Meeting

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Be Prepared for The October 2nd Meeting

The October 2nd meeting has been designated for a two year planning session for the club.  Please jot down your thoughts and ideas on the direction you would like to see the Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club take the next two years and bring them  to the meeting for discussion and comparison with all the other members ideas and suggestions. 

Here are some ideas that were briefly discussed at the last meeting:

  • Working with Camp Korey (Carnation Farms) to set up a radio station
  • Help get some of the staff at Korey thier Tech License
  • Work with the Boy Scouts for Jamboree on the Air (See story in messages on this site)
  • Work to get the repeaters working through out the valley including Duvall and Carnation

And so on.................

Thank You!

The Board



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