Re: All things Digital Elmer Session


--- In, "Rowland - K7RWB" <slick56@...> wrote:
Hi Rowland,
Unfortunately I can't attend anything between Jan 26 and Jan 30.
Sorry, I hate to miss this...

John (KE7KYG)

Hi All,

I'm trying to put together an 'All things Digital' Elmer Session for
Saturday, 12/27 at Station 82. I have a few 'elmers' already signed
up to assist, and so it looks like we'll have at least VHF and HF
digital stations and perhaps some other goodies.

Please respond to this message if you're interested and can attend
the 27th; or, let me know if you CANNOT attend on the 27th and we'll
consider moving the session to January.

clay@... <mailto:clay@...>

Note: Clay is from SARGE...Sammamish Amateur Radio Group.

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