Re: KE7GFZ · Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC) 2015 Roster with Pictures

Bob Decker

I want my mug shot posted on members list!  There is one ham in our
community that had call sign plates on his car. He decided he did not
want that information displayed, because others could look up his information!!
Bob Decker, K7BD

On Sunday, April 5, 2015 7:20 PM, "lindyforbarclays@... [KE7GFZ]" wrote:

As you may know, I had been asked to add pictures to the SnoVARC member roster so that members can identify each other more easily.  This had been done in 2012.  Using the pictures that are available for 17 of the 29 current members, I have updated the 2015 roster.  At the SnoVARC meeting on Thursday it was decided that I should send an email to all members asking whether anyone objects to having the roster information (taken from the SnoVARC member application) put on the secure SnoVARC Yahoo site (aka Reflector).    

Please let me know by the end of April if you do NOT wish to have your information included in the roster that will be posted on May 1st.  And if you haven't uploaded your picture to the site, and would like to have it included, please upload it by the end of April as well.

Lindy (KG7IFA)

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