Duvall Days Transportaiton Coodinator

Kathy K7KJB

Hi everyone,

I have received a request from one of the Kim, a Duvall Days coordinator.  She is looking for someone to be a Transportation Coordinator.  Here is the info she sent me:

I need 1-2 people to act as Transportation Coordinator for the day of the Parade (June 4th).   We are getting shuttles and vans and I need someone at the Duvall Visitors Center helping communicate and manage them.  Honestly they don’t even need to be at the DVC they can walk the festival, but I need a “go to” person to communicate with them on the radio, help solve issues, bring issues to me etc. All drivers will be given a radio and I need a transportation person to manage that radio. Two people would work if they didn’t want to spend their day doing it, maybe one in morning and one in afternoon.  Let me know if someone would like to help me. Thanks in advance.  Appreciate anything!!!! 

If you would like to help please contact Kim at info@....

Kathy Brasch

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