Storm response for CDCCC volunteers

Kathy K7KJB

To our CERT, HAM and MRC volunteers,

As you know we have a large storm expected in our area on Saturday, with high winds and a lot of rain.  We trust you are preparing your homes and families to deal with the aftermath of this storm by checking the supplies you have on hand as well as your family plan.

In your training you have been taught to:

-          First: take care of you and your family

-          Second: take care of your neighborhood

-          Third: help your community

Following the storm we may be asked to assist in our communities.  For now the cities ask that we help clear storm drains near our homes, and be ready to assist if called upon.

We would like to know your availability to help.  Please contact the Program Coordinator you most closely associate with, giving them your:

-          Name

-          Email address

-          Phone numbers (home and cell)

Here are the Program Coordinators and their contact information:

-          CERT: Bob Gilbert (c) (425) 246-9789, (h) (425) 788-3121, gilbysan@...

-          HAM: Tom Needham: (h) (425) 333-4833, (c) (206) 714-8646, TOMWA7TBP@...

-          MRC: Byron Byrne: byrnebc@...

Our anticipated methods of communications to our volunteers will be (in this order):

-          Facebook and emails

-          Telephone calls

-          HAM Radio and FRS relays

Should this be a catastrophic event of no communications available for several days we anticipate setting up Volunteer Gathering Points at Carnation Fire Station 85 and the downtown Duvall Fire Station.  Volunteers will gather outside of these locations – we most likely will not be in the buildings.  We will not deploy unless specifically requested to do so by our local cities or first responders.

SnoVARC’s HAM radio volunteers will be conducting hourly NETs to keep the communication lines open starting Saturday at 18:00 hours.  They will be on the frequency at 441.825 (Cougar Mountain Repeater).  For CERTs any emergency communications can go through FRS channel 2 (with no privacy channel).

If you have any questions please contact me or Vice President Kathy Brasch (425-788-8260 or kb1@...).  Thank you for all you do to make our communities stronger, safer and better prepared!



Gene Laughlin, President

Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps Council, Inc.

P.O. Box 644

Carnation, WA 98014





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