VE Seminar - Nov 4th at 6pm


VE Seminar 6pm this Friday at the Duvall Fire Station.

This is a seminar developed by Jane N7JCW and Dave AE7TD Wickert to share their experiences with VE teams and exam sessions. It has been given at the Lake Washington Ham Club, Redmond ARES and in Longview WA.  We cover topics around how and why the VE program exists, what the paperwork means, and how you run a VE exam session. It includes the latest info on element credit for expired licenses as well as grandfathered pre-1987 Techs, proof of license, taking elements out of order, foreign nationals looking to apply for US licenses, what to do if candidates show up without the required info, and other topics that have changed over the last few years. We run a mock practicum exam session where attendees grade simulated exams with all of the correct forms and procedures, complete the individual candidate’s paperwork and build the final packet that would be sent to the ARRL-VEC. Becoming a VE is open to any ham who is at least 18 years of age holding a current General, Advanced, or Extra class license – but the seminar is open to all and is a good way to ‘peek behind the curtain’ to see how exam sessions are ran.
If you are considering becoming a VE (we will have applications with us), or if you are new to the VE program and would like some additional practice, or if you are a crusty old timer that is looking to come up to speed with the latest guidelines, policies and procedures, then we think you will find it useful (and a lot of fun).
The presentation style is lively and upbeat with lots of stories and “lessons-learned.”
445.81 MHz, simplex, no tone; we will also be monitoring 146.52 MHz

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