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Andrew Dahlgaard

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On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 3:49 PM lindyforbarclays@... [KE7GFZ] <KE7GFZ@...> wrote:

Barb asked me to contact The Blue Heron Bar & Grill in Carnation (as was recommended by Bob Decker at the meeting on Thursday) to see if they were available on Dec. 1st.  And then I got a call from Shawn asking me to send out this email to SnoVARC members with a link to the menu so that we can get a count. 

The manager of The Blue Heron Bar & Grill  restaurant said they could accommodate a large group, and in fact, had a party of 50 tonight.  Because they want the reservation in writing via email, I need to get a count of how many of you would be interested in coming to the SnoVARC holiday dinner on Dec. 1st at 6:30 at this restaurant?  

Here is the link so you can view their menu:  The Blue Heron Bar and Grill - Menu


Please let me know within the next couple days if you want to be included.  We need to tie down the date by Monday or Tuesday at the latest, or we could lose the opportunity completely.

Thanks for your attention to this.  

Lindy KG7IFA

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