Re: KE7GFZ ท Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC) Interference on simplex 146.580

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

I certainly hear the signal here at my home on Tolt Highlands Road.

I believe it is more than one station, as I see generally strong signals but several different signal strengths.

At first I thought maybe 9600 baud APRS but turning on the TNC on my radio does not catch packets.  But it definitely sounds like packet traffic of some kind just from the pattern of transmissions.

73, don’t forget to smile and have fun

On Nov 16, 2016, at 3:05 PM, kenkosters@... [KE7GFZ] <KE7GFZ@...> wrote:

Local interference on 146.580 that is a paging or digital signal? This has been getting worse and nearly constant at times in the Duvall area. If you have time please just listen and see if you can pull it in. Signal strength and your location can help track this down or direction is even better. If someone could decode and possibly decode for an ID or who it might be that would be great. It almost sounds like POCSAG but I do not have the decoding software? 146.580 is a simplex voice channel and would be nice to politely inform the station operator of this.

Thanks Ken, W7ECK      

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