Blue Heron Dinner on the 1st

Lindy KG7IFA

I have 29 people currently reserved for our holiday dinner at the Blue Heron restaurant in Carnation on December 1st at 6:30 pm.  These are:

Kathy Brash

Rowland Brasch

Rick Burns

Joe and Nancy Carpenter

Andrew Dahlgaard (+ 1)

Bob Decker (+1)

Lindy Friedlander

David Jam

Ken Kosters

Gene Laughlin

Ralph Lease (+1)

Jeannette Mandanas

Irvina Mizell

Tom Needham

Dan Pflugrath (+1)

Barb Powrie

Chuck Powrie

Gerard Repko (+1)

Shawn Somers (+1)

Fred and Susan Telewski

Chuck Woolfolk

If any of the rest of you would like to attend, I MUST have your RSVP ASAP because I have to confirm the final reservation count with Blue Heron on Monday (since they will be reorganizing their tables to accommodate us).

Looking forward to the event!

Lindy, KG7IFA

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