Snow Net on Thursday 12/08/16


To all SnoVARC club members.

I will be conducting an Informal Snow Information Net on the clubs Cougar Mt Repeater 441.825 + PL 103.5 on Thursday 12/08/16.  The net will start when the snow does in the valley.

The purpose of this net will be to disseminate snow, weather and road conditions in the valley for use by members and visitors, with hourly updates by net control (myself). 

This will be an informal net, so side conversations will be permitted.  With net control providing condition updates at the top of the hour. 

Members and visitors are encouraged to check-in anytime with net control when they have information to share about this snow event.  I will be compiling this information and relaying it to all at the top of the hour.

You my friends are net controls eyes and ears out in the field.  So please do let me know what is going on out there so I can share with everyone else.

Jim Myers


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