Problem with HAM License Plates


FROM ARRL NW Division Newsletter:

WASHINGTON DOL FINDS PROBLEM IN HAM LICENSE PLATE PROGRAM: Pat, WA6SCW has discovered a glitch in Ham Plate issue/renew process. For those hams in WA with callsign license plates, you may be interested to hear that last weekend (12/10/2016) WA DOL changed its website and software for renewing car license tabs. Unfortunately, the new system has a bug which prevents online or mail renewal of license tabs for Ham Plates. An error message is produced which says that the tabs cannot be renewed because "additional documentation is needed", but DOL Customer Service in Olympia has no idea what (if anything) is needed or how to fix it. My local licensing office in Jefferson County couldn't help either, as they have no control of the online or mail renewal systems. I spent about 2 hours on the phone today going back and forth between Olympia and the local office, but I really don't think anyone knows how to elevate the issue to someone who can fix it, so it will probably be awhile.

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