SNOVARC Meeting 1/5/2017 7PM Elmer(Training)) Session Programming your radio

Dan Pflugrath

Our next SNOVARC meeting (1/5/2017 7PM Duvall fire station) training session we will be learning how to or practicing manually programming our radios.


Everyone bring your radio/s with manuals (batteries charged).


Those with experience be prepared to help new operators or those with new radios.


HOMEWORK: Open the manual to the section for programming your radio for repeater use.  Try to program the following;

Duvall Repeater;  443.250  Tone 103.5  Offset + (plus), Offset Frequency 5.000

Cougar Repeater: 441.825  Tone 103.5  Offset + (plus), Offset Frequency 5.000

Bears Repeater: 146.820   Tone 103.5  Offset - (minus) Offset Frequency 0.600


Check your programming by pushing the PTT button and speaking your call sign near the radio..  You should hear the repeater respond.


Don't worry if it doesn't work, you will learn how at the meeting.


See you at the meeting,


Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP




I will post a Baofeng programming guide this weekend.



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