For Thursday's SNOVARC Meeting Training: Programming Your Radio

Dan Pflugrath

The following is to assist you at our SNOVARC meeting and training session Thursday 7 PM at the Duvall Fire Station.


The training subject is programming your radio.  Manually


To program any VHF/UHF radio for repeater operation you will need 4 pieces of information;

1.         The output frequency of the repeater.  Examples; 441.825, 146.92, 443.250 (see link for WA State Repeaters below).

2.         The offset direction between the received frequency and the frequency you will transmit on.  (+) plus or (-) minus.

            (+) for 440-440 MHz, (-) for 144-147 MHz and (+) for 147-148 MHz

3.         The frequency difference between receive and transmit.  00.600 MHz for 144-147 MHz and 05.000 MHz for 440-450 MHz.

4.         The sub-audible tone (CTCSS) required to access the repeater

Example for the Cougar Repeater;  Frequency 441.825, Offset (+), Frequency Offset 05.000, Tone 103.5.

              Mount Pilchuck Re[eater, /Frequency 146.920, Offset (-), Frequency Offset 00.600,  Tone 123.0



Attached are the best directions I have found for programming the BAOFENG type radios.  I take no credit for accuracy or errors.

·         Step 29 may not work on all radios.  Sometimes the frequency offset will not store properly.

·         Easy fix; after pressing the * key, manually enter the frequency displayed on the upper display line.  Then continue on with steps 30-34


WA State Repeater Directory by City


Need help between now and Thursday send questions to my personal email.



Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP





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