Easy first construction project 40 Meter SSB 7 Watts

Dan Pflugrath

If you ever had a desire to put together a radio kit, I will arrive early before SNOVARC meeting Thursday with my assembled BITX40 kit as described below for you to look at. 


I will have everything with me to get on the air including battery or wall wart to power it and a half wave long wire for an antenna.  The antenna is easily to hide from the HOA police.


I will work with anyone who wants to put this kit together.  There are now over 3,000 hams (see www.groups.io  bitx20 group)  building this same radio across the world with great success.  You can even get one on one email help with the designer.


See your Thursday at the SNOVARC meeting.



Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP





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Subject: Easy first construction project 40 Meter SSB 7 Watts


Here is an inexpensive first project good performance SSB transceiver for 40 meters.  For $59 everything is included except for the case and speaker (keeps shipping free).  Jacks for ear buds are on the board.


Everything you see below comes with it, all the wires and board connectors, BNC antenna connector, tuning control, electret microphone, and push to talk switch.


Tuning is provided by an Arduino digital frequency controller.


Case and speaker are available at Vetco in Bellevue for a reasonable price.


I have one on order.  If you would like to build one for yourself let me know and we can have some assembly parties in Carnation at the SNOVARC radio room.  Help is available to make sure it works when complete.  There are several clubs in the area in the process of ordering these for group builds.


Any questions, please reply to  mailto:dpflugrath@....  Let me know if you are interested and or if you placed an order for one.



Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP




Link to wiring instructions

bitx40v3 Easy Wireup $59 SSB Transceiver


Link to the main web page to order




Box Contents

We have tried to include connector/hardware you might possibly need to build a full radio. However, we also had to balance the shipping weight to keep the overall cost down. You will have to supply your own box, power supply and earphones/headphones/speaker.

  • 4-1/2 inches by 5 inches tested SSB transceiver module, covering any 400 KHz segment of the 7 MHz band
  • The Raduino board with Si5351, Arduino Nano. Fully tested
  • High quality BNC connector for the antenna
  • Small electret microphone
  • Two earphone style audio jacks for the mic and the earphones/speaker
  • A set of DC power socket and plug
  • Volume control with on/off switch
  • 10k linear pot for tuning
  • 8 Brass stand-offs with mounting nuts and bolts
  • Connectors with wires for all connections on the board

* Note : A speaker is not included in the kit as earphones/headphones/speakers are easily available locally. No cabinet is included to save on the postage cost. Almost any box maybe used.


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