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Dan Pflugrath

If we have not done so yet I think it would be a good idea to post on the SNOVARC web site the operational parameters and policies for the repeater.  Also think about how much to post.  I know our members need to know how to bring the IRLP and Echolink down if needed because of jammers or for urgent need of the repeater but we may not what that process published etc..


It is good that the KBARA net does not interfere with the 8:30AM round table.  That group and the Redmond group have been very supportive of what SNOVARC is doing with the repeater.


If we start getting more check ins for the KBARA net is it possible to have the computer automatically connect to the net?


Nice work guys.






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I was going to respond to Rowland’s comment on Facebook with explanations on how the connection was made this morning but thought this would be better in new post. Some might not know the East West link from the Bears 145.330 repeater has not been RF for years but linking via IRLP over reflector 9075 IRLP. Recently a jammer has been on VHF and made the system unusable on our side of the state. I have never heard the Jammer on UHF and thought this would be nice chance to test our system and give back to the community in our area.

The morning net is from 7am until 8 am daily and is very nice net and just as good as Alaskan morning net but that’s another story. Will link it up when I can from work but others are welcome to bring it up also, just ask for instructions. The repeater should drop the link after 20 minutes of non-key up on our system and don’t think we should change that setting.

Following is an email from first day of posting and linkup and it was noticed in a good way if you read the Facebook comments.


I saw a post of Facebook on your local repeater group's page. You were talking about connecting the Cougar repeater to us at KBARA through the 9075 reflector.   We would absolutely LOVE for you guys to connect in to us.

I am sure you know all about the interference, and that's the ONLY reason why we have severed our connection to BEARS.  In fact that was Jack's (W7HNH) thoughts about how to handle the situation.

I have complete control of 9075... It's ours (KBARA) to do whatever we wish with it.  You are welcome to connect in for the net, or stay as long as you would like...  You don't have to disconnect after 20 minutes, if you don't want to.  If you need help changing the settings on your IRLP node to allow an unlimited amount of time on the reflector, just let me know.

Glen K1RR

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