Successful VE Session, 9 new hams

Dan Pflugrath

The last time we tried to hold meetings to help new hams it was not very success in my opinion.  How about a trying different approach.

1.    Assign our club members to give each new ham a phone call or contact them by email.  Make sure they have a radio, that it is programmed for the repeater and they know how the PTT button works.  Make sure their radio can access the repeater.

2. Hold a weekly informal round table net with a net control on the repeater that is totally dedicated to answering questions from the new hams.  Tuesday or Wednesday evenings may work and not interfere with existing scheduled nets.

3. For hams that don't check into either the round table or the SNOVARC Thursday night nets, give them a follow up call or email once or twice to make sure they have the opportunity to use their radio during the nets or the CDCCC drills.

Goals; 1. Low pressure opportunity for new hams to get used to talking on their radio with correct protocal and get their questions answered, 2. Lower impact to club members that assist new hams.

Are there hams from our previous VE sessions that could use the same help especially those that are CERTS that may participate in up coming drills.

This is only a suggestion.  Any other suggestions out there?


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