Carnation Crossband Repeater PL Tone Change


The Crossband Repeater PL Tone on 145.590 has been changed.

The new Pl Tone is: 162.2

Please note that this is different from what was indicated at the club meeting on Thursday.

Some history... 
The Pl Tone was changed to stop QRM interference from the Mason Co ARC Repeater in Shelton.  That group recently spun up a similar 2 meter crossband for their 440 repeater using the same frequency and PL Tone as our crossband. This intermittently caused traffic from their 440 repeater to be replicated to SnoVARC's 440 Duvall Repeater via our 2 meter crossband. The interference from Shelton was in and out due to propagation fade on the 2 meter band.

Since the Carnation crossband is in the experimental section of the the 2 meter band, it was decided that changing our PL Tone from the default of 103.5 to 162.2 made more sense than demanding that MCARC change their crossband tone.  This way it is unlikely we will have any more problems with others spinning up repeaters in the experimental band.

Originally the plan was to change the crossband PL Tone to 165.5, but it was discovered during testing today that Kenwood transceivers do not support that PL Tone.  So we dropped it down one notch to 162.2.

Testing was done on Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu and Baofeng Radios using the new PL Tone.  All were able to connect to the crossband after reconfiguration.


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