Re: KE7GFZ � Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC) Noobie Net June 6th 7 PM

Dan Pflugrath

I welcome any amateur radio veterans to listen in to the Noobie Net tomorrow evening on the Cougar Mt repeater 7PM to assist in answering questions. 


I will go over net protocol at the beginning of the net.  One protocol is the use of Comment, Info or Question to break into the net to be recognized.


Any assistance would be appreciated.



Dan Pflugrath KA7GPP






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Dan Pflugrath (KA7GPP), is having a "Noobie Net" this Tuesday June 6th from 7-8 PM on the Cougar repeater (441.825 + 103.5). This is for new Hams from the last Tech class to use their radios, get questions answered or just practice using their radios. Don't worry about making mistakes - this will be a fun learning experience!

If you purchased one of the pre-programmed radios during the class, you want to select memory channel 1, the Cougar repeater. If you need to program your radio, set the frequency to 441.825 MHz, the offset is shifted positive by 5 MHz, the repeater tone is 103.5 Hz.

For new SnoVARC members, Field Day this year is June 24-25. It occurs nationwide the last weekend in June every year.  Our club will be holding Field Day at Carnation Farms. If you would like to help with equipment setup on Friday the 23rd, let us know. This is a great learning experience. The purpose is to measure the ability of our Hams to set up a temporary station away from our homes and transmit information back and forth on as many amateur bands as possible (run simultaneously).  So if there was a big emergency where we would need to set up a temporary transmitting station away from home, you'd be familiar with the process and the people.


Larry N7ART


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