Re: Carnation shack UHF/VHF antenna - lessons learned

Dan Pflugrath

Substitute a know good component into your antenna system.


#1 String up a ladder line antenna on the roof to test you system to rule out antenna or feed line.  Everyone should have one in your go pack.  Not sure of the power rating of a ladder line antenna but run full power if possible.  Start with low power and work up to running full power which will also check out the coax feed line.


#2 The feed line needs to be tested under full power.  I just recently heard a local story where an antenna system checked out ok with an analyzer but the transceiver did exactly what you observed today with the problem found in the coax.  A bad spot along the coax caused the SWR to go high under high power.


#3 Try the antenna at your home QTH with your know good antenna system.


Looking forward to hear about the root cause of the problem .






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As an additional note, during today's exercise, Paul and I both independently had the same idea for a fast-up VHF/UHF station, and I've been doing some fast searching on amazon to build a consist list for what would be required.



The basic concept is that it is a field deployable VHF/UHF station that can be set up and on the air in 15 minutes or less.


Here's the list:



Feedback, comments and suggestions are encouraged!





On 9/30/2017 7:11 PM, Paul Butzi (KG7STV) wrote:

> Oh, yeah.  For those who are following along, the problems have returned.

> Shawn is the one who detected the problem, during today’s drill.

>  Which, I think, highlights an important value to drills.

> After Shawn had trouble on 2m from that radio during the drill, and

> mentioned it to me, I swung by post drill and did some testing.  The

> problem Shawn was hitting was that on 2m at 145.590, the SWR for the

> antenna was 5.9 and the radio self protective power foldback was

> cutting the power back to 10 watts.  When I hooked up the antenna

> analyzer it’s clear that the problem are back, although the setup is

> working reasonably well on 70cm.

> The next step is for me to get up on the roof again with the antenna

> analyzer and another antenna and see whether the antenna is just

> defective or if the problem is somehow related to the locations

> (thanks to Ben for pointing out the latter possibility).

> When I do that I’ll also recheck the feedline.

> Other than that, I’m out of ideas.

> -p KG7STV

> 73, don’t forget to smile and have fun

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>> Thank you for your continuing efforts maintaining the club shack.

>> After today's exercise, are there any new thoughts on what needs to

>> be done there?

>> Robin, WA7CPA






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