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Dan Pflugrath


I took a look at the topography from one of the last buildings on the north end of Odell road.  That location has clear shots at both Duvall and Carnation and reasonably clear into Monroe and Fall City.  It would be interesting to see how well that spare 440 repeater collecting dust in Carnation would work at your place.






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I did the same study from my QTH (North end of ODell), assuming height above ground of 15' if mounted to my barn roof.  Which is where I would want to install the crossband.  The coverage looks good at 20 watts and 90% reliability.


On 10/06/17 17:24, Shawn / K7ATA wrote:

Radiomobile seems to thing that a 20W 2M crossband at my QTH would cover the valley reasonably well...

I'm going to do some further investigation, but this doesn't seem like a bad idea.


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