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Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 7:03 PM
Subject: [snovarc] HOLIDAY DINNER TIME!!


The 2017 SnoVARC holiday dinner was discussed at the October meeting (see minutes).  So, as promised, I talked with the restaurants recommended at that meeting.  As noted in the minutes, the group in attendance at the October meeting did not want to consider Blue Heron again, even with a limited menu, nor did they want to consider Ixtapa in Duvall. 


Here is what I found out. 


BJ's (next to where Claim Jumper used to be in Redmond Town Center): They do have a separate room where tables can be combined to have a few large tables, similarly to when our dinner was at Claim Jumper and Blue Heron.  The room is large and would house more than our group of 30-40 people.  However, for a party of our size, they only offer a limited menu (price dependent on option chosen.  Here is the link to their menu options:                                                                                                                                                                    


Carnation Cafe:  They are able to accommodate 40 people, but they said they would need to close the restaurant to anyone but our group.  So we would need to guarantee a minimum of 35 people.  To accommodate the large group, they provided a limited menu at a fixed price of $25/person to include salad and a choice of entree (see attached).  Dessert, beverages, tax, and 20% tip (18% if single check) are extra.  My only concern with this choice is that we won't know if we can guarantee 35 people.  Last year we had 29 confirmed RSVPs for Blue Heron, but not everyone showed up.  The year before we had 42 RSVPs and 40 come to Claim Jumper.  If Carnation Cafe closes their restaurant and less than 35 people show up, they lose money.    


Ixtapa Redmond Ridge: They have a private room that they would close off for us at no extra charge, and we can order off the full menu.  Because someone at the meeting thought there may be limited parking, I went there for lunch to check it out as I had not even know of its existence.  There was plenty of parking as it is in a strip mall.  The separate room has plenty of room to put tables together in the center and if we have a larger than normal response, there are also booths along the side of that room.  


For each of these restaurants, I tentatively put a hold on December 7 at 6:30 for our group.  I told the managers at each that a final decision would be made at our meeting on Nov. 2nd and I would contact them on the 3rd to either cancel or finalize the reservation.  (NOTE: Ixtapa in Carnation has the same menu as Ixtapa Redmond Ridge, but they are much smaller.  So if Mexican food is desired, Ixtapa Redmond Ridge is the better choice for our large group.  Therefore, I did not reserve Carnation.)


I'm sending this out now so that those who are unable to come to the November meeting can give input now so that a final decision can be made at the meeting, including the opinions of others who would like to come to the dinner and are not able to attend the meeting.


Robin, I am not able to attend the November meeting.  So please obtain a final  decision on restaurant, menu (if BJs), and send around the sign-up list to start the RSVP process (following up with an email to the group requesting an RSVP by Nov. 30th).  I will need to call the restaurants and cancel the 2 not chosen, confirming only one reservation.  We will have to give the chosen restaurant a final count by Dec. 1st. 


My preference is for either BJs $20.95 option (since I love their ribs) OR Ixtapa Redmond Ridge.  I like Carnation Cafe, but as I mentioned above, I worry about the guaranteed 35 min attendees given last year's count.  However, Chuck and I will attend regardless of which option the group chooses.


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