Re: Buddipole?

Robin WA7CPA

Thanks, guys, for your Buddipole stories. I bought the longer, bigger one. (You didn’t talk me out of it). I already have a lightweight packable Ventenna and a SlimJim for all the theoretical hiking I plan to do. The Buddipole will be a set up from my car in parks, my backyard, and an emergency preparedness antenna. The ability to configure as NVIS and talk locally on 80 and 40 sounds good. It also covers 60. But I expect good DX, too. And yes, the Buddipole can be set up from a wheelchair.

And, I won one of the grand prizes! It is a Bioenno rechargeable battery, a great addition to my Buddipole. I already have a Bioenno solar blanket and power pack, so I am already a Bioenno fan. Now to figure out how to either get a battery past TSA or through the mail.

There are many more extremely cool experiences I will save for the meeting show and tell.

Robin, WA7CPA
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