Re: Unflattering comments from Puerto Rico volunteer hams

Dan Pflugrath


Thanks for the update.  


I have added a hyperlink to the ARRL website where the first article is on the 50 volunteers work in Puerto Rico.  When I read it, it sounds more like what we have come to expect from the amateur radio community.  As is typical with information posted on the internet,  don't over react until the news cycle has a chance to sort out reality.


Please make another post about your meetings at Pacificon.  I am jealous.  I wish I could be attending.


ARRL news letter 2017-10-19  Not sure if you have access to this news letter if you are not an ARRL member.







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I talked at length yesterday and today with William Friest of SATERN and the ARRL division guy who started the ball rolling on getting aid to Puerto Rico after getting a call at home from the only working cell phone on a remote island before it lost its battery. The ARRL guy  owns a concrete home on PR and knows every single ham in Puerto Rico and smaller islands. He hadn’t heard about the complaint the deployed hams made on Reddit. He met with the other ARRL officials last night and they told him the main complainant started a GoFundMe campaign as soon as he arrived on PR on the Red Cross dime. He wanted to be a cowboy and he was a pain from the minute he arrived. There is definitely more than one side to the story. I suggested ARRL may want to consider whether it needs to make a statement at Pacificon. The hurricane response is a major theme here. I am interested to see what officials choose to do tomorrow. I hope to attend their open meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Robin, WA7CPA 

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