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Kathy K7KJB

I agree with Ben.




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Facebook allows for public, closed, and secret groups. Public groups (like SnoVARC) are open to anyone to see what is posted. Closed groups only allow the public to see the group and members, secret groups cannot be searched for and are effectively invite only.


As Ken says, the Facebook page is a good way to be open to the public to get exposure, and help people in the area who are not a part of our club.  I think it’s a valuable tool we have.  That said, anything sensitive may be best left to email, where the recipient list is better vetted, and one level higher security. Things like repeater codes are best left here or in person.


My $0.02...


-Benjamin Thompson, sent from my phone.

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I don't view the SnoVarc Facebook group as a bad thing. I think it is an easy way for us to share with each other. I am just trying to gain an understanding of this particular group page and its settings.


Thanks you,


Robin, WA7CPA

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