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Chuck Powrie, KE7JWP


From: [] On Behalf Of Rick Burns
Sent: Friday, December 01, 2017 6:16 PM
Subject: [snovarc] Net Control Operators


To SnoVARC Club Members:


2017 saw a significant drop in Net Control participation on club repeater Thursday night nets. A dwindling number of members are carrying the majority load for this duty. This means (1) each of them has fewer weeks between rotations and (2) the rest of us aren't practicing our skills for this role.


It's for this reason this message is being sent, to encourage more member participation. Please reply if you are able.


Reply with your name and callsign.


How the schedule works: When your rotation comes up, you as primary and two backups come to the top. The following week you will move to 1st backup position and week following 2nd backup. After that your name drops off until all remaining NCOs do their rotations then the list repeats.


Months having a 5th Thursday are open to anyone volunteering to act in this role. Of course 1st Thursday of the month is given over to our monthly meeting.


I assume CURRENT control operators will continue so your replies are optional as are those who already responded to this message sent last week.


Additional note for planned/unplanned absences: Planned, when possible trade your duty with others. For unplanned, no need for concern because there are two backups behind you.


Thanks for your time.





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