Fox Hunt Next Summer

Dan Pflugrath

We have a fox hunt on the calendar for next August but we will need some equipment to turn our hand held radios into direction finders to find the fox (transmitter).  Ken Dempsey KE7ND has a fox transmitter we can use but if we really want to do fox hunting we need to make a small investment in our direction finding to have some fun with it.


I have tested a circuit that can be purchased in a simple to assemble kit that works very well over a wide frequency range (UHF & VHF).  It uses a method called Time Delay of Arrival.  Read the links below for an explanation. 


This link is for those who want to build their own from scratch and also has a good tutorial for how it works.

A TDOA Antenna Unit for Fox-Hunting


This link is for a simple to assemble kit for about $35.

Handi-Finder Kit


My thought is to make a bulk buy for those interested  to get a discount.  I hope that the club can fund the purchase and we each reimburse club.


We can discuss this during our January meeting.






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