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Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

I can do crimp connectors on rg8x no problem, done them a bunch of times for pl-259s.  

BNC connectors look fairly straightforward given the right tools, and I’d be delighted to learn how to to bnc connectors (and I’d be happy to buy the appropriate crimpers as well, if I haven’t already got one).

RG-174 I am unexperienced.  But it’s always worth learning!

My personal preference would be to build an antenna using a BNC connector, and then use adapters to go from BNC to whatever the radio needs.

One thing I have done in the past is cheat by buying a short cable with the connectors I need on each end and whacking it in half.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

On Dec 11, 2017, at 8:58 PM, Dan Pflugrath <dpflugrath@...> wrote:

I received the Handi Finder kit this weekend and I have a concern and could use some recommendations.
The kit comes with everything but the wire for the antennas (2 X 20 inches like two coat hangers), a handle (like1-2 feet of 1/2 inch PVC pipe), coax  and the biggest challenge the connector.
RG-174 coax works best since it is light weight and flexible, an easy choice.
The connector is the most concern.  There are at least three flavors of connectors needed,  SMA-F, SMA-M and BNC.  YAESU FT-60R needs SMA-M,  Boafeng needs SMA-F,  Older radios use BNC, other models and brands most like will use one of the three.  We can easily get RG-174 coax but putting on the connector will be a challenge even for me (need volunteers to put on the connectors?).
For the kit I just received I will order a BNC-M connector and two adapters, one BNC-F to SMA-M and one BNC-F to SMA-F so we can try the Handi-Finder with most any radio.
When we finalize the list of who will want to build the kit we can get prices from Vetco and purchase them as one order for both coax and connectors.
Suggestions welcome.  Jesse W7JEB who has minimal assembly experience has volunteered to build this first kit for me.
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Subject: [snovarc] Fox Hunt Next Summer
We have a fox hunt on the calendar for next August but we will need some equipment to turn our hand held radios into direction finders to find the fox (transmitter).  Ken Dempsey KE7ND has a fox transmitter we can use but if we really want to do fox hunting we need to make a small investment in our direction finding to have some fun with it.
I have tested a circuit that can be purchased in a simple to assemble kit that works very well over a wide frequency range (UHF & VHF).  It uses a method called Time Delay of Arrival.  Read the links below for an explanation.  
This link is for those who want to build their own from scratch and also has a good tutorial for how it works.
This link is for a simple to assemble kit for about $35.
My thought is to make a bulk buy for those interested  to get a discount.  I hope that the club can fund the purchase and we each reimburse club.
We can discuss this during our January meeting.

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