Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

Last night on the Newbie Net I mentioned my progress on learning morse code. I’m at the point where I’m about ready to take a swing at actually having a QSO over the air.

Dan and Robin both said they had some time over the holidays when they could schedule qso’s. Dan suggested an email thread on the club mailing list might bring out some other people who are ready to give it a try or to dust off their cw skills.

Here’s a chance to get past the hurdle of the cw equivalent of mike fright - would that be key fright? Anyway you could get on the air with cw and feel confident that when you goof up, the person on the other end is laughing with you rather than at you. No need to go fast. No pressure.

I’m available much of the time between Christmas and New Years. If anyone is interested just respond here with your availability and we can line up some sched qso’s.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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