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Dan Pflugrath

One thing to keep in mind.  For this application a really nice to have is RG174 coax, very flexible and not bulky.I really like the idea of buying coax with the connectors already installed.  So far I have not found the RG174 coax with BNC male on both ends in a length from 6 to 10 feet.I found a site on eBay with a 20 foot RG174 coax with BNC's installed that I contacted for a 6 foot length quote.Also an eBay link below is for the adapters sma to bnc both genders.  Here is a SMA Male to SMA Female 6 foot using RG174 that looks good. sma+female+to+sma+female+6+feetSMA Female to SMA Male RG174 Extension Coaxial Cable 6ft  Here a link I found on eBay.  They have available both adapters for $1.99 each and ship from the US/1x-SMA-Male-Female-To-BNC-Male-Female-Jack-Plug-COAX-RF-Connector-Adapter







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If we got something like this; , and everyone ordered the BNC adapter that adapts to their own radio, we would be in great shape.






On 12/12/2017 9:52 PM, Dan Pflugrath wrote:

> I like the idea of getting something with the connectors already

> attached.  From my experience to have about 3 feet of coax is a real

> plus.  I am sure we could find a similar item with say 6 feet of coax

> and cut in half gives the 3 feet needed.

> Another route is to attach a connector using something like these links.

> SMA Male   SMA Female about $1 each

> <

> keywords=SMA+female+Connector+Straight+Crimp+RG316+RG174>

> BNC for RG174 about $1.50 each

> <

> -LMR100-Cable-Connector-USA-Seller/332094969265?hash=item4d526715b1:g:

> EegAAOSw4YdYyy2R:sc:USPSFirstClass%2198223%21US%21-1>

> RG174 Coax  about $0.30 per foot

> <

> 2E/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1513142704&sr=1-1&keywords=RG1

> 74>

> Dan KA7GPP

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> I’d just get something like this:


> AVTT4U/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_23_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9YJMSK87R

> 2X4HC735PXM

> And cut it in half for two of the kits.

> Mark

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> I can do crimp connectors on rg8x no problem, done them a bunch of

> times for pl-259s.

> BNC connectors look fairly straightforward given the right tools, and

> I’d be delighted to learn how to to bnc connectors (and I’d be happy

> to buy the appropriate crimpers as well, if I haven’t already got one).

> RG-174 I am unexperienced.  But it’s always worth learning!

> My personal preference would be to build an antenna using a BNC

> connector, and then use adapters to go from BNC to whatever the radio

> needs.

> One thing I have done in the past is cheat by buying a short cable

> with the connectors I need on each end and whacking it in half.

> -p W7PFB

> 73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

>     On Dec 11, 2017, at 8:58 PM, Dan Pflugrath <dpflugrath@...

>     <mailto:dpflugrath@...>> wrote:

>     I received the Handi Finder kit this weekend and I have a concern

>     and could use some recommendations.

>     The kit comes with everything but the wire for the antennas (2 X

>     20 inches like two coat hangers), a handle (like1-2 feet of 1/2

>     inch PVC pipe), coax  and the biggest challenge the connector.

>     RG-174 coax works best since it is light weight and flexible, an

>     easy choice.

>     The connector is the most concern.  There are at least three

>     flavors of connectors needed,  SMA-F, SMA-M and BNC.  YAESU FT-60R

>     needs SMA-M,  Boafeng needs SMA-F,  Older radios use BNC, other

>     models and brands most like will use one of the three.  We can

>     easily get RG-174 coax but putting on the connector will be a

>     challenge even for me (need volunteers to put on the connectors?).

>     For the kit I just received I will order a BNC-M connector and two

>     adapters, one BNC-F to SMA-M and one BNC-F to SMA-F so we can try

>     the Handi-Finder with most any radio.

>     When we finalize the list of who will want to build the kit we can

>     get prices from Vetco and purchase them as one order for both coax

>     and connectors.

>     Suggestions welcome.  Jesse W7JEB who has minimal assembly

>     experience has volunteered to build this first kit for me.

>     Dan KA7GPP

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>     We have a fox hunt on the calendar for next August but we will

>     need some equipment to turn our hand held radios into direction

>     finders to find the fox (transmitter). Ken Dempsey KE7ND has a fox

>     transmitter we can use but if we really want to do fox hunting we

>     need to make a small investment in our direction finding to have

>     some fun with it.

>     I have tested a circuit that can be purchased in a simple to

>     assemble kit that works very well over a wide frequency range (UHF

>     & VHF).  It uses a method called Time Delay of Arrival.  Read the

>     links below for an explanation.

>     This link is for those who want to build their own from scratch

>     and also has a good tutorial for how it works.

>     A TDOA Antenna Unit for Fox-Hunting

>     <>

>     This link is for a simple to assemble kit for about $35.

>     Handi-Finder Kit <>

>     My thought is to make a bulk buy for those interested  to get a

>     discount.  I hope that the club can fund the purchase and we each

>     reimburse club.

>     We can discuss this during our January meeting.

>     73,

>     Dan KA7GPP

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