Re: Mike and Key Ham Fair Tables IMPORTANT


Hi Roland,


I am interested and can help setup on Friday. Thanks for arrange this.




From: [] On Behalf Of Rowland
Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2017 8:35 PM
Subject: [snovarc] Mike and Key Ham Fair Tables IMPORTANT


OK folks I asked a few months ago if we wanted a club table(s) at the Mike and Key Flea Market.  I reserved two of them side by side.  We can either use both tables or just one.  I need to know in the next few days or we lose the table(s).  Cost for both tables is $68.  I am assuming one table is about half that amount.  Each table is allowed three people to work them. Those people can get in on Friday to help setup.  That is the day before it opens and you get first choice to look and buy before the crowd shows up on Saturday.


I can pay for the table(s) and then those selling can pay me back their share.  I must believe we all have stuff we can rid of and turn it into cash to buy more stuff there!  I DID LAST YEAR!


As mentioned let me know real soon if you are interested.  If I do not hear from anyone then I will let the tables go.  Must pay by the 5th. Do not wait until the meeting to tell me as that will be too late.


The Flea Markey is on Saturday March 10th.


Thank You,




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