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Mark Kenworthy

Thanks Lindy!


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One check is fine.  I will keep the amounts separate in the financial records.



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Can we write one check, or do you need them separate?






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Please make the checks out to CDCCC and mail to PO Box 644, Carnation, WA 98014.  I received checks at the meeting last night from Shawn, Dick, Robin and Ken.


And while you are at it, if you haven't already, you could also send in your membership checks too.  Remember to complete the annual application for membership as well, since we need a current signed waiver (on the form) every year.  Here is the link to the application form:




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Here is the list as I have it for the fox hunt handi-finder kit.


Please check to see if you are on the list and if I have the correct radio and also indicate the correct adapter.


If you are not on the list and should be or want to participate let me know.  I think I am missing one or two from the meeting.


Get you money into Lindi, $35.  I will assist in placing the order as soon as all is in order,





Ken W7ECK                         FT60                                       Antenna SMA-M

Dick WF7TUA                     Boefeng                               Antenna SMA-F

Ralph                                  VX-7R                                      Antenna SMA-M

Rowland                            VX-7R                                      Antenna SMA-M

Joe                                      VX-8R                                       Antenna SMA-M

Shawn                                Boefeng UV-5R   Antenna SMA-F

Robert Hicks                     Boefeng UV-5R                  Antenna SMA-F

Tom                                    Kenwood D72                       Antenna SMA-M

Jesse                                     FT60                                       Antenna SMA-M

Robin                                 Boefeng UV-82                    Antenna SMA-F

Paul B.                               TH D74A                  Antenna SMA-M

Mike C                                FT-60                                      Antenna SMA-M                             


Rowland, Thanks for assisting with the list.  I think Jesse has a FT60?

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