Final Call - Tech Class Instructors Needed. Please Read.

Larry Backstrom <larry@...>

Instructors Needed!

Please help us give back to the hobby and help teach our community of Duvall, Carnation and beyond the fun of amateur radio. It's rewarding to know you will inspire the students get their licenses and help the HAM community in the Snoqualmie Valley to prosper and grow by bringing in new HAMs! Share your knowledge through humor and your own personal experiences with Amateur Radio to help add a human touch to the ARRL slides which accompany the different class modules. Your rewards will be immeasurable to know you are helping to grow the HAM community by your participation in teaching the Tech Class. If you can sit and talk to other HAMs at our monthly meetings, you should be able to stand and do the same thing! It's easy, fun and rewarding! We have so much knowledge to draw upon in our club that it would be a shame not to put it to good use! After all, our tax exempt 501(c)(3) status depends, in part, on advancement of education or science. We already have a couple of HAMs who have volunteered to teach some of the modules but we need more SnoVARC members willing to help teach the rest of the class. If the only thing that is stopping you is stage fright, sign up anyway and we will help you overcome it. Several of us are public speakers who are willing to coach you so you can get up in front of strangers without feeling afraid! If you can't answer a question from one of the students, there are plenty of HAMs willing to step in immediately to help answer any questions which might stump you! If more SnoVARC members participate in the next Tech Class by helping teach, we can grow our club with new members who get their Amateur Tech licenses with your help!

We're using the ARRL slides for the Technician class because it follows ARRL's Level 1 Technician book. We'll do 10 lesson modules the first day and 8 the 2nd day. A lesson module could be reordered if you want to teach it on a different day.

Slides and Instructor's manual for each lesson module are located at:

Reply back with the module you would like to teach and I'll it on the link above.

April 21st, 2018
Lesson Module 1: Welcome to Amateur Radio (Debbi LerMond, K7DAL)
Lesson Module 2: Radio Waves and Signals
Lesson Module 3: Modulation & Bandwidth
Lesson Module 4: Electricity
Lesson Module 5: Ohm's Law, Power, and Metric System (Larry Backstrom, N7ART)
Lesson Module 6: Electronic Components
Lesson Module 7: Types of Radio Circuits
Lesson Module 8: Propagation
Lesson Module 9: Antennas and Feed Lines (Jim Myers, W7ABD)
Lesson Module 10: Practical Antenna Systems (Jim Myers, W7ABD)

April 28th, 2018
Lesson Module 11: Basic Amateur Radio Station Equipment
Lesson Module 12: Power Sources and Interference
Lesson Module 13: Communicating with Other Hams, Part 1 (Robin Amundson, WA7CPA)
Lesson Module 14: Communicating with Other Hams, Part 2
Lesson Module 15: License Regulations and License Privileges
Lesson Module 16: Call Signs and Operating Regulations, Part 1
Lesson Module 17: Call Signs and Operating Regulations, Part 2
Lesson Module 18: Safety and Amateur Radio


Larry, N7ART

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