Re: Field Day Safety and other questions

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

2. Need a battery/power supply for my new IC-7300--unless the group considers it okay to use my Powerwerx power supply that will require commercial power. Who has a battery to lend to the FD effort? It needs DC 13.8V/25A (Capacity at least 21 amps). I am just trying to set up this rig on my shack desk and figure out how to run it. I have not had time to order a field battery. My 2 Bioennos were acquired for my 15 watt rig and are insufficient for the 7300.
I have a Group U1 lead acid battery (capacity 35AH) in a battery box I can loan to the effort. I’ll make sure it’s charged up. Voltmeter built in and powerpole connections.

3. Who can bring up a laptop with N1MM software installed for logging at the IC-7300 GOTA station?

I will also be needing commercial power for my laptop for the KX3. Its internal battery does not work, even with a brand new one. So, I think our category is firmly A-Commercial. We were A-Commercial last year, I believe. It has all my logging and FT-8 software installed, so a swap is definitely not feasible.
You could run the laptop off a battery and inverter. Doesn’t your cool Bienno battery thing have 120VAC output?

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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