Plasma TV Interference (ICom 7300)

Ken Koch

For the last week I've been trying to track down a weird problem with my new Icom 7300.  The display shows (all bands) a to 1 to 2  +- hz pulsing  I noticed that it happened only on certain times of the day.  All peaks in spectrum were showing pules up and down in tandem.  The waterfall was showing what I assume to be data lines in the waterfall would pulse on and off.

I finally narrowed it down to times when my wife was watching our downstairs plasma TV.  Eureka!   Turning the TV on/off I was able to recreate the problem 100%.  OK, so now what do I do about it other than dump the TV.  I tried ferrite beads on the TV AC and Icom power supply feeds, which did nothing, I didn't expect it to but it is nice to search for cheap fixes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I know that not many people have plasma TVs these days, but I really don't want to invest a new TV since the performance is decent.  Although now that I think about it an excuse for a bigger/better/newer TV....

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