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Dan Pflugrath

Do not rule out the internet and cable TV boxes.  My Comcast boxes put out all kinds of RF over a broad spectrum.  Clamp on chokes did not help but putting toroid cores in all the power lines helped alot.  If I remember correctly core material type 43?


My LG led TV is next but I must be close to detect it.  Next is the refrigerator and dryer.  don't forget the wall warts that have switching power supply circuits.


Good Luck





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Not all LED Bulbs are bad.

The Cree LED Bulbs are good.  Very low noise.  Philips are not to bad.  The others however can be real big RFI generators.


On 08/07/18 16:28, Robin Amundson wrote:

<slapping forehead > Lindy when I get home tonight I will be turning off every LED and see what happens. Our kitchen lights are normally on all the time. But what I probably really need to do is go on battery power.


Thanks and 73,

Robin, WA7CPA 

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Our LED lights cause a similar problem since we have 12 large recessed cans in the main room.  We just turn them off when we use our radio.

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Since bringing my new vertical online in my station I have a similar issue across all bands. It is likely not our big screen because it is on very little but the signal at evenly spaced intervals across all bands is present all the time. I have not yet been awake in the middle of the night to check it. With my ocfd the signal is prominent on 12m and 15m, with the vertical it is most promising on all higher bands, less pronounced on lower bands. I have not yet had time to put station on battery power and shutting down house power, though I have unplugged many things one at a time.

I am suspicious the signal is from grow lights, or now, possibly a neighbor’s plasma tv or oxygen. Does anyone know what grow light signals look like on the scope and their characteristics across the spectrum? Any other ideas?

The notch filter has no effect. Currently I have a lot of excess coax in the shack until I get a utility box put through the house. So, I am thinking some clamp on chokes might be a good idea.

Thanks and 73,
> On Aug 7, 2018, at 9:23 AM, Shawn / K7ATA <shawn@...> wrote:
> Unfortunately, the only solution is wire cutters applied directly to the power cord (unplugged, of course!).
> The screen itself is the source of the RF noise that you are dealing with, and there's not a lot that can be done about it, except to replace it with something that doesn't require HV/HF energy to make dots light up.
> --Shawn
> --K7ATA
>> On 8/6/2018 11:00 PM, Ken@... wrote:
>> For the last week I've been trying to track down a weird problem with my new Icom 7300. The display shows (all bands) a to 1 to 2 +- hz pulsing I noticed that it happened only on certain times of the day. All peaks in spectrum were showing pules up and down in tandem. The waterfall was showing what I assume to be data lines in the waterfall would pulse on and off.
>> I finally narrowed it down to times when my wife was watching our downstairs plasma TV. Eureka! Turning the TV on/off I was able to recreate the problem 100%. OK, so now what do I do about it other than dump the TV. I tried ferrite beads on the TV AC and Icom power supply feeds, which did nothing, I didn't expect it to but it is nice to search for cheap fixes.
>> Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I know that not many people have plasma TVs these days, but I really don't want to invest a new TV since the performance is decent. Although now that I think about it an excuse for a bigger/better/newer TV....


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