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Mark Kenworthy

We have LifeStraw filters in all of our automobile emergency kits, part of our several day preparedness in the autos. Not hard to find water around here, so easier to carry a filter.


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The Butzi family get home bags are arranged along a somewhat different strategy from Gerard’s “Everything you might need to be comfortable if civilization falls” plan, mostly based on experience leading us to conclude that it’s worth minimizing the load if you have to cover a long distance on foot. Our plan is to move pretty fast, which requires keeping the load pretty light. If we’re injured that plan is out or at least changed, but the get home bag still includes enough to stay relatively comfortable for a fairly long period. Not nearly enough calories to go 72 hours, though.

So much of what’s different is about minimizing weight.

Rather than carry a relatively heavy water filtration system the get home bags include chlorine dioxide water treatment tablets:
Each bag has enough to treat 15 liters of water. If we need to go through more than 15 liters of water for two people, we’re in a scenario outside the scope of what the bags are planned to cover. The 15 tablets in their foil envelope packaging weigh next to nothing and take up nearly zero space. Downside: treatment time of four hours.

Potable Aqua has a product that consists of iodine to treat the water followed by something else to eradicate the foul taste the iodine leaves, which sound interesting but I’ve not tried it. Upside: time from starting treatment of the water to it being ready to drink is 33 minutes.

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Since I was out of town and missed the meeting what filter system(s) are you talking about?



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This is the same technology used in newer wastewater plants with bio membrain filtration. Duvall, Carnation, Bridgewater etc. I ordered some also.

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Awesome Rick! I�m glad you found them at a good price.

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