Giving Thanks

Mel - N7GCO - Cheney, WA

 I want to give thanks to God for His healing and kindness and for all the people who prayed for me.



Three years ago at this time we had just moved to Spokane from Duvall, I had just finished my second round of Chemotherapy for cancer and one round of radiation. The good news was my cancers seemed to be in remission.


The bad news was my bones had quit producing red blood cells. Because of the low red blood count I was barely conscious and in stupor most of the time. I was getting blood transfusions every week to week and half just to keep me alive. Without the blood transfusions I would die.


At this time, my doctor told me I only had a few months to live and that I should get my affairs in order. I am a follower of Christ and am not afraid to die. I know where I will go when I do die.


I decided to sell my amateur radio equipment and guns, since my wife would not want either. Thanks to a couple of good friends, I sold most of the guns. I had just listed all my ham radio equipment for sale when a miracle happened.


Many people were praying for me and God heard those prayers. Through God’s healing, my bones started producing red blood cells again. The doctors don’t know of anyone else who went this long (14 weeks) without them producing red blood cells and then start again.


Now three years later, my cancer is still in remission and my blood tests are normal. I have enjoyed great times with  the family, coaching some wonderful pastors and churches, playing with my ham radio, being active in the DX club and ARES (emergency communication), and working on our property.


So this Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful to God and so many praying friends.

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