Mel - N7GCO - Cheney, WA

I have been working on refreshing all my emergency gear this past week thanks to the prompting of my wife and the California disasters.
What I am finding is I moving to having things modular, so I can adjust as needed. Currently this now consists of 6 modules:

1. Car Emergency Tool Bag

2. Car Emergency Go Bag (First Aid & Survival)

3. Car Winter Go Bag (Cold weather gear)

4. Personal Go Bag (Clothes, Papers, RX, etc.)

5. N7GCO VHF-UHF HT Go Bag (Icom 51A)

6. Van/HF Go Bag


In the winter, all but #4 stay in the Van all the time. In the summer I remove #3.

I am not all the way finished, but getting close for this cycle of preparedness.


I find every time I do this, I feel my preparedness goes up a notch.


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