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Well now for my two cents worth.

Many changes of use are happening at the farm and although we could get the space once again this year this might not be the normal in the future. We as a club have had the benefit as a small club having a great place for Field Day. Thant being said we are getting recognized region wide with a great repeater and well maintained system.

As we grow we should be more accessible so I agree with moving the site to a more pubic location. This after all is not a CDCCC event but armature radio event unlike Duvall days. Those into radio will make the tip to a site not so obscure from the public and easy access.

Restrictions are a minor issue as we have had gatherings in the past to show antennas and radios and good learning with no issues. Sure if we also would put out the word over the radio many more would show than previous years. As for safety issues this is no different than any other site and should be covered by the ARRL insurance for radio related activity.

Individuals that play radio will come if the message is out and we can and will learn much from each other.

Two cents,

Ken W7ECK  

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There is an area where I live with flat grass fields, easy access but close to Fall City which may or may not interest you.

Gary Densow



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Subject: Re: [snovarc] Field Day June 21-23
Last year I had just gotten my Tech and General licenses and I wanted to attend some local Field Day events to get exposure to local clubs.  Both Snovarc and IARC were options.  I did end up going to both events.  However, the Issaquah event was much easier access.  The farm gate is somewhat difficult to find, and it didn't help that the gate code was wrong on the Snovarc web site.  The farm is also somewhat more intimidating (locked gate) and wasn't "inviting" when you had never attended any ham event ever, and had never had any exposure to the club at all.  I would bet that I was probably the only member of the general public without prior exposure who made it to the event.

If all you want is an event for the club members then the farm is fine.  However, my general impression of the Field Day "theme" is that it is supposed to be an outreach to the public.

That said, I know that the IARC group is struggling to find a good spot this year as well so I have no idea where they will end up this year.  It might actually be nice to find a location that multiple clubs could use (say IARC, Snovarc, and Redmond).  Of course I know nothing about inter-club politics, so....

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